Business is about connecting with people.

Learn 3 simple habits to supercharge those connections and turn conversations into sales.


You did it! You had your idea, you got things up and running, you got a sense of the systems and processes you need to run your business, but now? Things aren’t quite what you thought they’d be!


You’ve tried getting out there and taking your business to the level that not only supports you but allows you the ‘freedom’ you desire. The freedom to dictate your hours, to allow you time with your family and be able to afford a few more luxuries in your life, but something isn’t quite working.


You’ve tried all the best strategies and tactics. Taken course after course (some of which you’ve not even completed) looking for the magic bullet, but something’s just not clicking into place. You have moments of success, but it’s not consistent and you wonder whether it’s all going to work out in the end.


It’s that final piece of the jigsaw.


It’s so irritating because you have this beautiful picture in front of you, but that one piece missing means it’s incomplete. And it gnaws at you.  There’s a misalignment somewhere and you can’t even figure out what it is.


People ask ‘what are you struggling with?’ but you don’t even know.  The only thing you do know is that you’re not where you want to be (yet).


So now you’re all in a muddle.


Trying to push through, hoping it’s going to be okay.
Trying new tactics then giving up when they don’t work.
Getting stressed and hearing the underlying message in every conversation you have with your loved ones ‘maybe you should think about getting a job?’.


But that’s not who you are.
You don’t fit that 9-5 mentality and it’s so hard to describe to others why that will never fulfil you.


You are your own person.
You want to call the shots because you don’t like others dictating your fate.
You KNOW there is something deep within you that is waiting to be unleashed.
You know somewhere in your soul that there is a glimmer of ‘something’that you know is meant to be; that business and life that you see is possible, but feels just out of reach.


But you know what?


It’s not all about the strategies and tactics.
Or even the sales funnels and email lists.
They all help, but sometimes it’s much deeper than that.


It’s about getting your head on straight.  It’s about the way you think about yourself, your business and the manner in which you approach it all that is the key to everything.


You’ve had enough of being a slave to your fears and doubts; battling with the procrastination and overwhelm; and letting your lack of confidence or self-belief call the shots.


You’re at that make or break point where you know you have to leap and do it, because if you don’t a small part inside of you will die.
You’re ready to tap into the potential you know you have, ready to stop holding yourself back and create that incredible business you’ve dreamed of.


Imagine having everything aligned with your passion, your purpose and your values. Feeling like business is easy, that it’s a joy to wake up every morning to take on your challenges, and generate the income that gives you the lifestyle you want and make your dreams come true.

I’m Sarah Alford from The Biz Revolution.


I believe business is all about stepping up, taking charge and owning what you do.


I believe clarity, focus and momentum are the keys to a fulfilling life and business.
To know what you want, believe that anything is possible and take the action to make it happen - whilst not letting past beliefs, stories and fears hold you back from where you want to be.


I believe YOU are the revolution.
You are the one who has the power to create the business that you want - one that is a true reflection of you; serving incredible people, making an impact and providing for you and your family in a way that feels amazing.

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 - Nelson Mandela